About Us

About Us

Who we are

Translantic Development Limited (TDL) is a leading Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) service provider that support clients to attain value for investing in the impacts that drive their businesses.

At TDL, we believe that ESG should drive business values, protect revenue, provide assurance for stakeholders and ultimately control project risks to ensure project profitability and revenue assurance.

Beyond revenue protection and stakeholders ‘assurance, TDL’s approach to ESG also ensures that the core of our client’s environmental, health, safety, social and corporate governance processes and operations are fully in compliance with local and national laws, and essentially in compliance with international best practices, bespoke to project realities.

Established in 2012, TDL has been involved in several projects and assignments in developing economies and our performances have been outstanding. TDL – through its team and partners – has completed several projects in Social Impact Assessments, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Socioeconomic Baseline Studies, Resettlement Action Plans, Livelihood Restoration Plans, Materiality Assessments, Community Needs Assessment, Community Development Plans, Environmental and Social Due Diligence, Multiple Stakeholder Engagements, Environmental Health and Safety and ESG Framework Development. Our country experience spans across: Liberia, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Mozambique etc.

Corporate Values

Ethical Policies

At TDL, we do not compromise the need to follow local and national laws, international best practices, agreed terms and ethics of our business and those of our clientele and the publics connected to projects.

Health and Safety

Our health and safety culture at TDL stipulates that everyone has the responsibility for their own safety and that of others. TDL complies strictly with IFC PS4 – Community Health Safety and Security – as well as other international best practices, local and national laws.

Local Content

TDL has an in-built corporate social responsibility and talent development apparatus in its model that empowers local talent and young people to develop capacity on the job that would leave them competent to carry on the work and during the implementation of the RAP, CSR and other sustainable processes required. TDL takes a mentorship and leadership approach to its projects based on the philosophy that character and capacity building of the people enhances nationwide development.


TDL operates a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and other corrupt practices, which would be communicated to all business partners at the outset of the business relationship with them and as appropriate thereafter. Employees and project team members are also trained to help them understand their duties and responsibilities under this policy.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a topical issue at the heart of the global economy. At TDL, we make responsible and proactive decisions to manage and reduce the business’ negative impact on the environment. Beyond that, we create and implement processes that ensure businesses and projects are more sustainable in the future.


During employment and projects, employees will be exposed to several levels of confidential information. As a result, we classify and treat information under carefully to ensure that sensitive information is shared among only concerned and relevant parties.

Labour and Human Right

We believe and uphold the principles of equality and fairness. This applies not only to our male workers, but also to our female workers because we believe strongly that women’s rights are human rights.

What makes us different

TDL has a well-established reputation as one of Africa’s fastest growing ESG service provider across range of industries. Our clients and partners choose to work with us because of the following reasons:

Culturally diverse and highly educated professionals with outstanding performance records across different specializations of ESG practice.
Wide range of local and international consultants with specialist experiences, local knowledge and requisite language skills.

We have strong networks and alliances across the African market, with presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
TDL is a top indigenous firm in Africa providing a one-stop shop for all ESG-related consulting services ensuring sustainability performance and monitoring.

Our team possesses extensive years of experience in ESG practice across sectors. Our experience spans the Oil and gas, Power, Renewable Energy, Mining, Industrial Agriculture, Real Estate Sectors and Trade Zone establishments. We possess great knowledge born out of practice and research across the African market and providing end-to-end solutions in compliance with good international and industry practices, national and local laws.

Our solutions enable our clients to make fair and transparent decisions, in their relationships with internal and external project stakeholders. We empower our client to adhere to good international industry practices and common service quality standards, to support growing needs of international lenders and local/national laws.

We adopt a value-based pricing model which offers the right value for money; helping our clients to make the right decisions to Save, Spend, Secure, and Invest.

Quick delivery and turnaround time with high quality bespoke implementation, management and monitoring of ESG Solutions throughout the project life-cycle impact management process.

Strict adherence to International best practices and Quality standards

Our teams work in-country directly with the project-affected persons, proactively managing social challenges in line with international standards (WB EHSG, IFC-PS, EPFIs, EBRD, ICMM, etc.) and national laws, and by respecting strong local and cultural contents.

TDL Team

Translantic Development Limited (TDL) is a leading provider of environmental, social, health, safety, risk, climate and sustainability consulting related services. Our team has over 100 years collective experience with a multidisciplinary, yet, focused approach to managing and mitigating sustainability challenges in line with relevant standards.

A brief about our team of consultants:

  • Experienced in managing land negotiation, acquisition, resettlement planning and livelihoods restoration for development projects that meet IFC PS, World Bank Safeguard Policies, AfDB, EPFIs’ requirements and other international best practices and local/national laws. Our consultants also have vast knowledge and skills in conducting ESIA, ESDD, CNA, CDP and SEMP for various projects bespoke to our clients’ needs.
  • Global, multi-disciplinary teams with expertise and local language knowledge of project areas and locations.
  • In-depth knowledge of environmental and social risks and impacts associated with solar, power, oil & gas, mining, wind farm, industrial agriculture and other infrastructural projects in developing countries across nations in Africa and beyond.
  • Strong client focus and proven track record of delivering cost-effective ESG solutions with unwavering quality.


Our Clients

Our team has successfully managed contracts in all types of industries specializing in environmental, social performance and socio-economic researches and developments for both private and public sectors. Through our team of qualified consultants and partners, we have worked with several clients including major extractive industry corporations, bio-fuels, solar developers, oil and gas, renewable energy, industrial agricultural and manufacturing conglomerates, donors, national and state governments, NGOs and universities.

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Our Clients Include:

Our Partners

TDL is your trusted ESG business partner. To be such a partner, we operate a customer-centric model based on the philosophy that if we help our partners grow their business, we, in turn, can grow our business too. In a growing business, there are more opportunities for all of us. We want our clients and partners to consistently experience the best of Translantic Development Limited: that means providing ESG services that create win-win situations for our partners and clients, and the local communities impacted by their development projects. We partner and work with International and high-profile organizations including:

  • Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
  • Rina Energy (formerly OST Energy)
  • Adam Smith International
  • IBIS Consulting
  • International Development Consultants (IDC Ltd)

Best Practices Experience

We adhere to International best practices and common quality standards, some of which include:

  • World Bank Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines (EHSG)
  • World Bank Environmental and Social Standards (ESS5)
  • International Financial Corporation Performance Standards (IFC-PS 2012)
  • African Development Bank International Social Standards (AfDB ISS)
  • International Council for Mining and Metals
  • Equator Principle III (EPIII)
  • Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuel Production (RSB)
  • Oil Producers Traders Standards (OPTS)
  • The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) – Environmental and Social Policy, 2014
  • United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEPFI)
  • Local and National Laws (across African Countries)
  • ISO 9000 and 2600