Certification Course

Certification Course

Certification Course

Understanding Sustainability

Sustainability is the key to a better future. This module introduces participants to the concept of sustainability, the concept of sustainable development, the history of sustainability and the effect of human activities on the environment.

Sustainability Habitus and Trends Analysis

This module discusses extensively, the three pillars of sustainability and trends around the world towards achieving a sustainable planet, and instruct participants on how to view everyday life from the sustainability perspective.

Sustainability and Geographies, People, Culture

Improperly planned development projects often negatively impacts the culture and livelihoods of indigenous people. This module aims to explain why the health and wellbeing, culture and values, religions and sacred practices and beliefs of people, especially the marginalized should be incorporated into project architecture and design.

Sustainability and other Sustainable Practices

This module illustrates sustainable practices and policies that can be employed at individual, government, business and organizational levels to improve or maintain the natural and social environment.

Sustainability and Modern Business

There is a continuous call for organizations, businesses, and governments around the world to adopt sustainability approaches. This module discusses how organizations can excel economically while voluntarily managing their environmental and social impacts.

Sustainability and Trends of Good Practices – ESG

This module provides the interlinkages between sustainability and ESG, and how to approach sustainability from an ESG perspective.

Sustainability and International Good Practices

This module introduces participants to various environmental and social safeguard systems and the project impact life cycle.

Tracking Sustainability Performance in Practice

The concept of sustainability is wide and its measurement often pose problems to evaluators and auditors. This module will introduce participants to clearly defined criteria to measure sustainability performance.

Sustainability in Project Development and Management

This module illustrates methods to sustainable manage projects while managing stakeholder engagement, grievance redress, fragility, vulnerability and conflicts.

Developing a Sustainability Benchmark for Businesses

This module will teach participants on how to define good practices for benchmarking sustainability in businesses and how these activities can be carried out in a robust, transparent and credible manner.