CSPD Facilitators



Dr. Bankole Allibay

(BA, BPMP, MCIPR, Ph.D., D Prof.)

Bankole is an Environmental Social and Governance expert with knowledge and expertise in providing a range of end-to-end sustainability solutions. Over the last seventeen years, he has specialised in project life-cycle impact management, baseline surveys, GIS studies, grievance redress and conflict resolution, expectations management, land access and involuntary resettlement, livelihood restoration, capacity building, Land Policies, Social Safeguard management and project implementation in line with best practices. Bankole is a Doctor of Sustainability with specialty in Social Performance. He is an internationally published sustainability expert, multidisciplinary scholar and practitioner, researcher with publications in areas such as: poverty, land access, involuntary resettlements, livelihood restoration, asset valuations, gender, vulnerabilities and extra-medical solutions etc. Bankole advises governments, international development banks (including IFC, IDA& IBRD, ADB, etc) and private Investors. 


Dr. Deborah Ikhile

BSc., MSc. Ph.D

Deborah is an experienced international development consultant and multidisciplinary researcher with over 12 years’ experience conducting multiple stakeholder engagement, assessing and managing environmental, social and health impacts across a variety of industries including mining, healthcare, power, and agriculture. Deborah works as the Project Manager and Stakeholder Engagement Lead at TDL with technical expertise in social and health impact assessment and management; primary healthcare system strengthening; community and health needs assessment; developing and implementing livelihood restoration strategies; general impact management planning and strategic fragility, conflict and vulnerability management. Deborah holds a certificate in Sustainability Principles and Practices from Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA, a Project Management Certification PMI, USA, an MSc. in Sustainable Planning and Environmental Management from the University of Hertfordshire UK, Masters in Public Health from Nottingham Trent University and Ph.D. in Public Health at Nottingham Trent University.

Elfreda Acquaye

BSc, MSc

Elfreda is a Social Performance expert and a development practitioner researcher. In her 12 years’ experience, Elfreda has gained significant experience in areas such as: Fragility Conflict and Vulnerabilities Assessment, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental and Social Management Planning (ESMP), Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD), Livelihoods Restoration Planning and Resettlement Action Plan. Elfreda has extensive knowledge in quantitative and qualitative survey, designing of survey protocols and instruments, data collection, coding and analysis. Elfreda has worked with government, investors, international development agencies and communities providing development solutions across different sectors. She holds a joint Master’s Degree in Development Planning and Management from KNUST Ghana and Spatial Planning in Regions of Growing Economies from Technical University of Dortmund in Germany.

Abisola Ijaodola

BSc, MSc

Abisola is the Team Lead and Project Field Manager at TDL, Nigeria. She is a Sustainability Consultant with over 13 years’ professional experience. She plays a vital role in operations, project execution, logistics, planning, coordinating technical assistance, management of field staff, leading multiple stakeholder engagements and managing clients’ engagement. Her field of expertise is in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Environmental & Social Compliance Monitoring & Due Diligence, Resettlement Management, Health and Safety, and Multiple Stakeholder Engagement. She has conducted ESDDs, ESIAs, and Socioeconomic Baseline Studies across different industries, as well as managed and facilitated community engagements, qualitative and quantitative surveys and data collection in project affected communities in Nigeria. Abisola holds a Master of Science in Health, Safety and Environmental Management from University of South Wales, United Kingdom.


Engr. Enoch Berko-Ampofo

BSc, MSc

Enoch is a certified GIS specialist with extensive experience in big data, GIS-Big Data Integration, ODK platforms and other modern business tool-kit in social performance. He has more than 12 years experience in GIS and Data Management. Enoch leads and manages the project baselines, impact management and due diligence portfolios for projects in line with local and national laws and essentially in line with international best practices. Enoch has exceptional knowledge and experience in areas such as environmental and social baselines, impact assessment, social mapping, multiple stakeholder engagement, GIS mapping, resettlement action planning and implementation, social due diligence and RAP audit amongst several other sustainability performance assessments. Enoch has an MSc. in Sustainability, Society and the Environment from University of Kiel, Germany, and a BSc. In Geomatic Engineering from University of Mines and Technology, Ghana. Enoch has a good understanding of Hausa language..