Diploma Course

Diploma Course

Diploma Course

Introduction to ESG Habitus: ESG Model

This module provides an introduction into the concept of ESG, ESG models, pillars of ESG and the modes of integrating ESG in business.

The Project Impact Lifecycle Analysis

This module is aimed at equipping  the participants with techniques to assess the environmental and social risks and impacts associated with all the stages of a project lifecycle.

Data Driven Sustainability

This module introduces participants to statistical, qualitative, and visual methods of problem solving, data deduction and representation in sustainability and their scope values and limitations.

Understanding Environmental Impacts

This module gives the participant the opportunity to learn the basic concept of Environmental Risks and Impacts, Environmental Impact Assessment and the basic skills to facilitate Environmental Impact Assessment for development project.

Understanding Social Impacts

This module will discuss the Social risks and Impacts associated with developmental project, and the modes of analysing, monitoring and managing the intended and unintended social consequences,, of planned interventions (policies, programs, plans, projects).

This course also offers an introduction to social impact strategy, social impact assessment and social entrepreneurship.

Health and Safety on Project and Community

This module provides the participants the opportunity to learn the concept of  Environment, health and safety (EHS) and modes of  implementing EHS into  environmental protection. The course will go extensively into environmental management, social and community health, safety and security risk and impacts associated with commencement of a project.

Sustainability in Practice areas: Specialist Study (Manufacturing, Construction, Finance)

Participants will get an in-depth knowledge about cross-sectional sustainability practices in sectors such as Manufacturing, Construction and Finance.

Unbundling Key Sustainability tools, EIA, ESIA, ESMP, ESDD and more

This module will prepare the participants on theoretical and practical knowledge of using key sustainability tools to systematically identify and evaluate the potential effects of projects, plans, programmes and legislation on the physical, biological, cultural, and socioeconomic components of the environment.

Critical Review and Reflection on Practice Area, Mentoring, Fellowship

This module will help participants to develop their knowledge and skills in sustainability through discussions, review, case studies and adequate mentorship.

Sustainability Policies ​(NGN vs BPs) + (Regional standards)

This module gives the participants the opportunity to learn the design, conduct and evaluation of sustainability assessment, the concept of standards and sustainability, sustainability development and policy making using safeguards that are applicable to Nigeria and Great Britain as the study focus. This module will improve the participant’s skill in mastering real world sustainability issues.