TDL is your trusted social performance business partner.

A truly African company providing bespoke solutions designed to meet Africa’s needs.

Our country experience span across: Liberia, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Mozambique and Malawi.

Our multidisciplinary approach to managing social performance offer positive social and economic benefits.

Applied knowledge of and experience with the IFC Performance Standards and other International best practices

Our sector experience cover: Solar, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Power, Energy and other related sustainable renewable energy projects.

Translantic Development Limited (TDL)

Translantic Development Limited (TDL)  is a leading Environmental and Social Governance service provider, with a strong focus on Social Performance, helping development projects across Africa comply with national laws and international best practices.

We provide a range of end-to-end social performance solutions, and our multidisciplinary approach to managing social performance in projects ensure that large investments do not cause harm, but offer positive social and economic benefits to the affected and related entities.

Our Mission

To provide modern business social performance solutions to keep our clientele socially and environmentally sustainable, financially viable and corporately responsible to their immediate and larger publics.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be our client’s preferred social performance partner. To achieve this, we capitalise on our experience of the industry and the expertise of our services to address our client’s needs in relation to Projects’ environmental and social risks and impacts.

Why TDL?

TDL has a well-established reputation as one of Africa’s fastest growing social development and social performance service provider across a range of industries. This is based on TDL Team’s knowledge, research and industry experience.
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What we do

TDL provides a bouquet consultancy of end-to-end social performance solutions, developed and bespoke to our client needs. Our focus is to provide modern business solutions to keep our clientele socially and environmentally sustainable, financially viable and corporately responsible to their immediate and larger publics.

Social Performance Consulting

We support our clients through investment and infrastructure projects, and other development initiatives by providing social performance solutions to manage and mitigate potential environmental and social risks. Managing environmental and social risks is a development priority and it is fundamental to supporting sustainable infrastructure development, attracting financing opportunities from international lenders, and acting as a core part of the global social and environmental responsibility.

Project Management and Implementation

Project Management is an essential aspect of our activity because we strive to deliver quality end-to-end solution to the industry and international standards without losing local content or violating local, national and international laws; a complexity that requires multidisciplinary skillset and core project management skills. As a standard practice, TDL team consists of multi-skilled professionals and experienced project managers.

Due Diligence and Compliance Monitoring

The purpose of due diligence is primarily to ensure that a Project has followed due process in line with international best practices and relevant national/local laws and requirements. At TDL, we undertake due diligence and compliance monitoring of all Social Safeguards triggered by a project and the associated project components. We support our clients in reviewing their project scenarios to ensure none of the project components constitutes social risk, and all project components are line with the applicable Safeguards.

Safeguards Training

Many potential investors and participants in infrastructural and development projects operate in a challenging environment which presents various levels of social safeguard risks that may be damaging to the reputation of their Projects. TDL offers customized training programmes to provide embedded understanding of Social safeguards, their relevance, and practical application to development projects.